Motor And Household Insurance

It took you a long time to build the lifestyle you enjoy today. Protect your household contents as well as your vehicle with a comprehensive motor and household insurance policy.


  • You can count on being covered for accidental loss or damage to your vehicle, which is caused by fire or theft as well as any resulting liability to third parties.
  • You can expect to be covered if you need to replace or repair your household possessions because of damage or theft.
  • Get cover against loss or damage to household contents directly caused by the following events:
    • Fire, lightening, or explosion.
    • Storm, wind, water, hail, snow, or flood.
    • Overflowing water apparatus or oil leaks.
    • Impact from falling trees, motor vehicles, aircraft, and animals.
    • Malicious damage.
    • Theft or attempted theft.
  • Get cover for accidental loss or damage to your vehicle from any accidental cause. This aspect of your policy covers:
    • Courtesy cars.
    • Delivery after repairs.
    • Emergency hotel expenses.
    • Emergency repairs.
    • Keys, locks, and remote-controlled units.
    • Medical expenses.
    • Factory-fitted sound equipment.
    • Towing and storage after an accident or attempted theft.
    • Towing after a breakdown.
    • Trauma counselling.
    • Liability cover for towing a trailer or caravan.
    • Liability cover when other people are using your motor vehicle.
    • Liability cover when you are the driver of a private motor vehicle that does not belong to you.