How To Care For Your Aging Parents

We love our parents and enjoy the wit and wisdom they have to share with us. Unfortunately, while some things improve with age, other things decline. Whether your folks are struggling with their physical or mental health or even if they don’t seem to be struggling at all, you’re probably thinking about how you can look after them in their old age. You may also be worrying that you might be too busy to invest in elder care. But you’ll be surprised at how much you can do for them to ensure you can still enjoy many happy moments as a family.

Grandmother, mother and son playing video games at home after taking funeral insurance.

Maintain Frequent Contact

Whether it’s a phone call or an in-person visit, keeping in touch with your parents on a regular basis can go a long way in caring for them. You can keep tabs on their health (to a degree) or learn whether they have been keeping socially active. If one of your parents has already passed, your calls can be a tremendous comfort to your other parent and help to reduce their risk for depression. This elder care tip is easy enough to do, no matter how busy you are, and your folks are bound to appreciate hearing from you.

Importance Of Community In Elder Care

Loneliness is an epidemic among the elderly, who witness the passing of their spouse and friends. This is why a large circle of friends and sense of community can be so important for your folks. It gives them a reason to get out and stay engaged in the goings-on in the world around them. Social connections like this can also create a support system closer to home. Should there be an emergency you cannot assist with, you can rest assured, knowing they have a support structure in place to help out. Finally, frequent social activities can help to keep your folks physically active and mentally stimulated, while preventing depression and health issues.

Visit Your Parents Often

As mentioned, there are a number of health benefits tied to frequent social interactions. And your parents would certainly appreciate visits from you above anything else. A face-to-face visit gives you an opportunity to see for yourself how your folks are faring and help with some DIY tasks they cannot manage on their own.

Hire A Nurse Of Caregiver

If you don’t have time to visit your folks regularly, consider hiring a nurse or caregiver. Of course, you should never let the presence of a caregiver take your place in your parents’ lives. Your parents certainly would prefer to spend time with you. However, a caregiver can be a very helpful presence to assist your aging parents with health care and chores. A nurse or caregiver can also help to keep your elderly folks lively and active. You can still play your part in caring for your elders, but a caregiver can help to preserve your parents’ independence to a large degree.

Take Out Funeral Cover

This is not a comfortable conversation for anyone to have, especially with a loved one. However, this is a very necessary conversation that many people fail to have, and this can lead to poor planning around managing the costs of a funeral. Without funeral cover, families can fall on financial hard times in the aftermath of a parent’s passing. If your parents haven’t taken out a funeral cover policy of their own, ask your insurance provider about taking out a funeral policy on their behalf. There are plenty of options these days for funeral cover for over 75, so you have a good chance of getting your folks covered.

So, there you have it: make a call, get your parents connected, pop in for a visit, or hire a caregiver. Your folks understand you have your life to live, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to still play a part in it. Take the time to make more special memories with your folks, while there is still time to make them.