The Ultimate New Home Checklist

All relevant documents have been signed, everything is in order on the deed/lease, and all the boxes are sitting in your new house, waiting to be unpacked. However, don’t think that means you’re done. There are still some very important things that need doing before you can call this new house your home. From changing the locks to getting household insurance to cover your new life, here are the tops five things you need to sort out when you move into a new home.

A young couple moves into their new house – now the real work begins, starting with taking out household insurance and other first steps to a happy home.

Change The Locks And Figure Out A Lock-Out Solution

You don’t know what the previous owners did with their keys. Your first course of action should be to see to the security of your new home. So, either hire a locksmith or replace the locks by yourself.

And as important as it is to make sure you can control who you let in is making sure you can get in yourself, with or without a key. Everyone locks themselves out of their place every once in a while – it happens! So, have a back-up plan in place to get back into your place. Give a spare set of keys to a trusted friend or neighbour just in case you misplace your own or accidentally lock yourself out of your new home.

Locate Shut-off Valves and DB Boards

In the event of a leak, knowing where to find the shut-off valves to the water in your house can help you prevent further damage to your furniture and other household items and appliances. Likewise, you never know when Eskom will strike with one of their timely load-shedding outages, so make sure you know where the DB board is in order to prevent damage to your home’s circuits.

Get To Know Your Area

Get acquainted with some necessary local resources in your area like hospitals and police stations. Be sure to look out for a few not so essential places too like the best takeaway options for those first few days after you move in and are still unpacking. This is great opportunity to get to know your neighbours, since they would be able to help you navigate your new neighbourhood.

Schedule Home Improvements

Even though you’re convinced you’ve bought the perfect house, every place need a little, seasonal TLC to keep it feeling like home. Write up a schedule for seasonal maintenance checks to make sure thing keep running smoothly. These can include clearing the gutters, landscaping your garden, unclogging bathroom drains and such. It’s always a good idea to keep numbers of your local plumbers, electricians, and other such handymen on hand in case of any emergencies. However, by doing sticking to your maintenance schedule, you should be able to avoid most household emergencies.

Insure Your New Life

Finally give yourself some real peace of mind by insuring your new home and valuable household items with household insurance. This kind of homeowners insurance covers the cost of replacing household items that have been stolen or damaged due to natural causes like a flood or fire. You’ve come a long way to establish a comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your family; protect it with reliable household insurance.