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Funeral Insurance Benefits:

Get cover from N$5,000 to N$30,000 for affordable premiums.

Get immediate pay-out in cases of disability or accidental death.

Get up to N$30,000 lump sum at your passing or that of your insured partner.

Find all the insurance products you need under one roof and equip your lifestyle with the cover that cares: 

Optional Benefits:

  • Funeral cover for blood relatives: your partner, children, parents, and even members of your extended family.
  • Provide cover for your family’s monthly expenses for a year after you pass away.
  • Get cash back after every five years after paying all your insurance policy premiums.
  • Cover the cost of an unveiling ceremony. Get up to N$30,000 lump sum at your passing or that of your insured partner.
  • Get immediate payout in cases of disability or accidental death.


For insurance companies calculating your funeral premium, the main consideration will be your age at the start of your policy.

Most insurance companies will not expect you to complete any medical examinations or tests. However, you may be asked some health and lifestyle questions. Depending on the funeral cover policy you choose to apply for, you may have to either complete an HIV test or disclose your HIV status in order for your insurance provider to determine your risk.

A good funeral insurance provider will offer cover for your spouse and up to 5 children (up to the age of 21). There is often an option to add a number of extended family members, including your parents or in-laws, to your policy at an additional cost per member.

Even if you are disabled, you can still qualify for funeral cover. Your disability may affect your policy premium, which is otherwise determined by general health and lifestyle factors.